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EBIKE front hub motor

  • 75SX 28 Spoke Holes Front-Drive High Speed E-Bike Hub Motor
  • 75SX 28 Spoke Holes Front-Drive High Speed E-Bike Hub Motor
75SX 28 Spoke Holes Front-Drive High Speed E-Bike Hub Motor75SX 28 Spoke Holes Front-Drive High Speed E-Bike Hub Motor

75SX 28 Spoke Holes Front-Drive High Speed E-Bike Hub Motor

  • Power: 200W
  • O.L.D.: 100mm
  • Max Torque: 32N.m
  • Weight (kg) :1.2 KG
  • Product description: The best front hub motor for eCity Bike,eCommuting Bike, eFolding Bike Mini front hub motor for electric bicycle 36V 200W Max torque:32 N.m Speed: 25 km/h , Motor rpm: 201 rpm,260 rpm,328 rpm,or c

Here is brief introduction to our Aikema geared front hub motor.

Aikema motor is a Small in size, light in weight, high in efficiency and smooth & quiet running.The front-drive motor is compatible with both disc or rim brakes,has a rated power of 250 W,350 W 500 W as well as 42 N.m,50 N.m max. torque. 75SX, 85SX,100SX Front Wheel Motor 250 W Electric Bike Conversion Kit,36 V Hub Motor E-Bike kit drive system is ideal for light and stylish city eBikes,folding electric bicycle,urban cycling. It is more convenient to replace and repair than other motors in the installation position.128 front motor 500 W is built for the high power demands of the US market, not the highly restricted EU market,is compatible with standard 100 mm fork dropout.

An internal 1:6 planetary gear with clutch is implemented.The gear reduction allows the motor to spin at a higher and more efficient rpm greatly improving the starting torque and hill climbing ability when compared with comparable Direct-Drive motors, whilst also being smaller and lighter than a comparable DD motor. The clutch offers minimal drag when not under power.


75 SX 28 Spoke Holes Front-drive High Speed E-Bike Hub Motor

Rated Power (W):200 W

Rated Voltage (DC): 36 V

Max Torque(N.m):32 N.m

Efficiency (%):≥80

Weight (kg): 1.2

O.L.D: 100mm

Motor rpm: 201/260/328 RPM, or customized

Noise Grade (dB): <55

IP level :65

reduction ratio: 13.2

Pole Pairs: 5

Surface finish: silver/mat black

Certifications: CE/ ROHS /EN 15194


75 F200 DEB C1

Rated Power(W)


Rated Voltage(V)


Speed Range(rpm)








Gear Ratio



Front Hub motor for electric bicycle,eFolding bike,e-CITY bike,e-urban bike .

75SX F250 BBB C2

Light-Weight High Speed E-Bike Front Wheel Hub Geared Motor

Rated Power (W):250W

Rated Voltage (DCV): 24V, 36V

Max Torque(N.m):35 N.m

Efficiency (%):≥80

Weight (kg): 1.4

O.L.D: 100 mm

Speed(km): 25 km/h

Noise Grade (dB): <55

IP level :65

Certifications: CE/ ROHS/ EN15194

Small size and light weight featured good performance for urban electric cycling. This mini geared motor that are suited for people who want a more minimal level of assistance electric bike engine.


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