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The ending of AIKEMA’s First Show in Germany-Eurobike 2021

The four days’ Eurobike show Friedrichshafen finished today and AIKEMA team have warmly shared the latest mid-drive system, hub motors, displays and ect. to the visitors during the show, especially the AKMZ5 mid drive system and the latest displays. What’s more important, the LLM motor was firstly introduced to visitors, which AIKEMA provides durable motor with long term parts supplying to ensure longer life of your drive systems. Choosing recommend mid drive system, you can get longer life of your ebike motor by permanent spare parts support during the life time of motor.  “LLM” label for the motor in mid drive system only.

Messe Friedrichshafen will move the leading e-bike and bicycle tradeshow Eurobike to Frankfurt in mid July 2022. So let’s look forward to seeing again in Frankfurt next year!



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