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hub motor vs middle motor,which is suitable for your bike

Hub motors are the first generation electric bike motors. Most of the electric bikes at least in North America are hub motors. In countries like Germany or Netherlands mid-drive motors seem to be more popular than hub motors. There are different reasons for it and we will discuss them later on.

We have owned and tried tens and maybe hundreds of electric bikes and ride them over tens of thousands of miles. After such experience, I feel I have enough experience to compare those models and give you some insight about them. Some differences you can feel immediately but some differences you will see in time. And also I will explain you some industry tricks about motors where manufacturers sometimes false inform clients.

What is a Hub Motor ? What is a Mid Drive Motor ? 

Hub motors are basically brushless motors assembled to the center of the wheels of electric bikes. They aren’t integrated to the bicycle frame rather they act as an independent unit. They get juice from the battery via the controller and push the wheel. This is a most simple way to explain how a hub motor works.

On the other hand, mid drive motor is in the middle of the electric bike between pedals and crank. It rather than pushing the wheel multiplies your power on the chain (or belt) and let the electric bike go in this way.

As we describe basics of mid drive and hub motors now let’s check hub motors more in detail.

Advantages of Hub Motor. Why electric bikes use Hub motor? 

Recently most electric bikes introducing mid drive models and some brands like Haibike only have mid drive electric bikes. And some companies are introducing mid drives as “absolute superior” system. Actually they have some superiorities but also hub motors have many advantages. That is why still electric bike market in USA is made of hub motors in general.



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