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How Corona changes mobility and inspires cycling

Against the background of the corona pandemic, Germans want to adjust their mobility behavior in the coming six months as well. The big winner here is the bicycle: around 35 percent of those surveyed plan to get on the bike more often - at least in the near future. These are the results of a survey commissioned by the "Germany - Land of Ideas" initiative. The reason for the survey is the German Mobility Award, which the initiative organizes together with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). 
In second place is the car. Here, 21 percent stated that they intend to use their cars more in the near future. In contrast, 16 percent plan to drive their car less often. 53 percent say they intend to use their car to the same extent as before. The distribution is interesting: younger people tend to drive a car, older people tend to use a bicycle. The greatest number of employees want to switch to bicycles in their home office. Public transport and railroads will continue to provide mobility for 35 and 37 percent of those surveyed.



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