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We have service center in Germany and France taking care of after-safe service for European clients with the following contact:

German Office

Address: Bielefelder Straβe 232 32129 Spenge Germany

Tel: +49-1739494979

Email: Kai.Zimmer@aikema.com

France Office

Address: 7 place Victor Hugo-25000 besancon

Aftersales Center:
Address: 2 Rue Viotte-25000 besancon

Tel: +33 6 49 82 51 56

Email: france@tsbicycle.net

1.Face to face service

We may establish an office taking care of after-sales service with professional staffs in special territory according to the quantity of orders and clients, also possibly offers 1 to 1 type service to VIP customers.
2.Tracking service
We offer free training service to our buyers timely so that they are able to serve our end users properly and in the meantime our service team from head office will be at the first scene to find where the problem is from and settle it.
3.Timely checking
Our sales and after sales teams will timely consult all of our distributors by visiting, phone call, fax &Emails to see if there is any problems from quality, marketing and service, will solve it immediately if it occurred.


Tel: +86 512 6673 8847

Email: info@aikema.com.cn

Add: No.10-2 Chunqiu Road, 215143 Suzhou City, China